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Bubbly wellness experience

Complete your wellness area with a TOPRAS top class built-in whirlpool. Offer your guests the opportunity to simply bubble away their everyday stress and strengthen their health. Energy reserves are refilled and body, mind and soul are brought back into harmony.

TOPRAS offers you a wide range of built-in whirlpool models for indoors and outdoors, which, thanks to the use of the most modern filter technology and overflow channels in accordance with EU standards, meet the strictest criteria and the highest demands and create the best hygienic conditions for the well-being of your guests.

peace, relaxation and satisfied guests

Do not wait, contact your local TOPRAS dealer. After extensive consultation and needs analysis, he will take over the planning and installation of your new whirlpool. Our TOPRAS quality, of course Made in Germany, you and your guests will feel this down to the smallest detail.

TOPRAS complies with the highest requirements

  • wide range of whirlpool models
  • modern filter systems and integrated overflow channels, according to DIN 19643
  • Use inside and outside
  • timeless design and highest quality